Leading the Future of Global Modern Payments.

A transformation driven by the need for efficiency, security, and inclusivity in global payments. The current financial system, burdened by inefficiencies and exclusions, needs a modern overhaul.

Shah and Manuel saw the opportunity. United by a shared vision of creating a world where financial transactions are seamless and accessible to all, they created NOAH.

At NOAH, our mission is to transform global payments by providing businesses with modern, efficient solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring swift and secure transactions, with same-day settlement and support for over 60 currencies. By partnering with trusted banking institutions and leveraging innovative technologies, we empower our clients to make seamless payments worldwide. Our goal is to become the world’s leading provider of modern payment rails.

Just as Noah steered the Ark towards a new beginning, we at NOAH want to guide the future of global modern payments. We aren’t trying to fix the existing system. We want to create a new one, ensuring financial resources and infrastructure are available to all.

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Noah Savings Inc. is a financial technology company, not a bank.

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