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The Global Money App of the Future

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Simplicity is Key.

Sending money is now as quick and simple as sending a text.

Available in 150+ Countries.

We believe everyone deserves the same access. That’s why NOAH is available in most countries.

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As safe as it gets.

Security is serious business to us. So the only person who gets to control your money is you.

Payments without borders.

When it comes to money, little-to-no cost, lightning-fast payments should be the norm. With NOAH, they are.

Buy & sell bitcoin globally.

We want you to have it all. That’s why with NOAH, you can buy, sell, and store bitcoin in one place.

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Get back what you give.

At NOAH, we reward you for helping us grow. The more points you have, the more perks we give back. It’s our way of saying thanks.

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Noah didn't build The Ark in a day, and NOAH won't have every feature available on Day 1.
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The card that lets you use your bitcoin to spend like cash.

Buy a little bit at a time, you can make big gains.

Mission possible

We have a little something for you, when you do.

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The Global Money
App of the Future
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