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NOAH’s Future Services

Fiat to Stablecoin Conversion
Effortlessly exchange between more than 60 local currencies worldwide, across major, exotic, and digital currencies, at top-tier rates.
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NOAH's advantages over traditional banking services

NOAH's Payment Solution will aim to redefine client banking options by utilising blockchain technology combined with traditional banking to provide global reach from one platform.
Compliance and Security
Our modern anti-money laundering (AML) and transaction monitoring systems will work together to prevent illicit activities, while a strong custody framework will ensure the security of your assets.
On-ramp and off-ramp capabilities
By seamlessly integrating modern rails with top-tier traditional financial services, we will enable you to expedite cross-border transactions, streamline B2B payments, and conduct hassle-free treasury operations across more than 60 currencies globally.
Pricing & speed of execution
We will leverage digital assets to accelerate payment speeds, lower fees, and avoid delays inherent in traditional systems, enabling rapid liquidity flow in and out of global markets and ensuring reliable settlement within 24 hours.
Global Payments.
Made simple.


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