23 March 2023

Revolutionizing Cross-Border Payments for a Seamless, Secure, and Affordable Experience

Discover how NOAH offers a secure and cost-effective alternative to cross-border payments. Prioritizing affordability, accessibility, and security.

Revolutionizing Cross-Border Payments for a Seamless, Secure, and Affordable Experience


    The Complexity of Cross-Border Payments
    The Challenges of Cross-Border Payments
    Overcoming Challenges and Crossing Borders with NOAH
    The Future of Cross-Border Payments with NOAH

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, cross-border payments have become a fundamental aspect of global commerce. With the ever-increasing proliferation of advanced technology and globalization, individuals and businesses alike can conduct transactions with partners on the other side of the world easily.

Cross-border payments, however, are not without their challenges. These payments require an intricate exchange of currency and a comprehensive network of local and international entities to transfer funds. Moreover, cross-border payments can incur high fees, lengthy processing times, and strict regulatory frameworks across different jurisdictions.

The Complexity of Cross-Border Payments

Cross-border payments involve a complex series of steps — the need to exchange currencies across different jurisdictions, comply with local regulatory frameworks, and navigate intricate payment processes. These transactions typically involve person-to-person, person-to-business, or business-to-business exchanges. All the current options, such as bank or wire transfers, credit or debit card payments, and e-wallets, are extremely cumbersome every step of the way.

The Challenges of Cross-Border Payments

The challenges of cross-border payments can vary significantly depending on the countries involved and the payment methods used. However, as discussed briefly, the most commonly encountered challenges include the following:

  1. High transaction costs: Financial institutions typically charge higher fees for cross-border payments, especially for currency pairs with lower volumes of payment. This can result in high costs for individuals and businesses, particularly those in developing countries.
  2. Lengthy payment processing times: Cross-border payments often take longer to process due to the need for additional verification and regulatory compliance. These delays can be frustrating for both the sender and recipient of the payment, particularly in cases where there is an urgent need for funds.
  3. Regulatory differences: Each country has its unique regulatory framework, which can make cross-border payments challenging. Compliance with these regulations requires extensive documentation, which can slow down the transaction process.
  4. Exchange rate fluctuations: Cross-border payments require the exchange of currencies, which can be affected by differences in currency values. Exchange rate fluctuations can make cash flow estimates inaccurate and significantly impact businesses that rely on international trade.

Overcoming Challenges and Crossing Borders with NOAH

While the above challenges have plagued the traditional payment system, NOAH is the smarter choice for global transactions, providing users with a seamless, secure, and cost-effective alternative.

Advantages of NOAH

NOAH's innovative payment platform is designed to address the shortcomings of the traditional payment system, enabling users to transact with nearly every country worldwide. With NOAH, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Instant Transactions

NOAH's use of the Lightning Network makes transactions faster than traditional payment systems. Users can instantly transfer funds to their intended recipients, which is particularly useful for urgent transactions.

Negligible Fees

NOAH prioritizes affordability in its global payment solutions, as evidenced by its minimal transaction fees. Unlike other payment platforms that impose significant fees, NOAH doesn’t charge any fees for each transaction.

For instance, let's say you want to send funds to a friend in another country. With NOAH, users enjoy a fee-free experience. Neither the Lightning Network nor our platform imposes any fees, ensuring cost-effective transactions for our customers. This is in stark contrast to traditional payment platforms or Bitcoin base-layer payment solutions, which significantly higher fees. NOAH's transparent fees ensure that you always know what you're paying for, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to send or receive global payments.

Secure Transactions

NOAH will use implemented robust security measures to protect users' data and ensure that all transactions remain confidential. Users can transact without worrying about compromised personal information, giving them peace of mind. NOAH uses Key Enclave, multi-party computation (MPC), and will use a refined disaster recovery protocol to give you peace of mind every step of the way.

Global Accessibility

Unlike traditional payment systems that may have specific bank account requirements or constraints, NOAH prioritizes accessibility for anyone with an internet connection. As a progressive web application, NOAH is compatible with any device, making it an ideal choice for users who need to transact from anywhere in the world. NOAH's commitment to adhering to all relevant laws and regulations ensures a safe and secure environment for users. As the world of crypto moves towards increased regulation, NOAH is dedicated to preparing its customers for the mindset that regulation equates to safety, providing both convenience and peace of mind.

At NOAH, we harness the power of the Bitcoin network to offer a non-custodial financial app that prioritizes the safety and security of our users' funds. Our commitment to compliance with all relevant laws and regulations ensures that our customers can enjoy complete control over their finances, without sacrificing the peace of mind that comes with using a regulated financial service. It's the perfect blend of security and autonomy.

Currency Choice

NOAH uses bitcoin as its primary currency, which offers worldwide recognition and acceptance. While users can currently transact using bitcoin, the option to convert to other currencies is something we are actively working on and aim to offer in the near future. This will provide even greater flexibility for our users in managing their finances.

The Future of Cross-Border Payments with NOAH

NOAH is committed to radically transforming the global payment landscape by offering an innovative, seamless, and cost-effective alternative to traditional systems. While we recognize existing off-ramping limitations in unsupported countries (except through Moonpay), we believe that bitcoin, as the currency of the future, will fundamentally reshape cross-border payments with its unparalleled speed and borderless nature.

Actively pursuing partnerships with services like Bitrefill and working to integrate additional off-ramps, we aim to enhance user experience and streamline the off-ramping process. NOAH's focus is on improving accessibility and usability while upholding our commitment to fast, secure, and affordable global transactions.

As NOAH evolves and extends its reach, we plan to collaborate with more domestic payment systems to increase accessibility and convenience.

NOAH enables users to experience fast, secure, and affordable global transactions, simplifying cross-border payments and making them more accessible than ever.

Please be aware that: Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK; Cryptocurrencies are not protected under Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS); Profits may be subject to capital gains tax; The value of investments can go down as well as up.

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