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What is a Lightning Address?

12 April 2022

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What is a Lightning Address?

Welcome to the next generation of money. Welcome to the Lightning Address.

What is a Lightning Address?

A Lightning Address is a simplified and easily recognizable Bitcoin address that is used to send and receive payments via the Lightning Network. Instead of a long, alphanumerical string or a QR code, a lightning address is represented as a 3-word phrase structured like an email address — x@y.z

This standard makes it easy for users to send and receive payments without needing to deal with cumbersome address formats. It's still the same address, just shorter and easier to comprehend. Lightning Address was born out of the need for better interactions among wallets, users, and service providers. Fundamentally, it makes Bitcoin navigation as easy as possible.

For example, instead of sending a lightning payment to:


Your Lightning Address could look something like:

But anyone can create their own Lightning Address with a variety of different services, platforms, and applications. So depending on where you register your address, your Lightning Address could also look something like: or or or

You could even do all four. The possibilities are endless. But above all else, it's easy. Lightning Addresses take what we know about the Internet and enable the average person to use Bitcoin. It's intuitive, straightforward, and just makes sense.

The beauty of a Lightning Address is that no matter what domain you use after the @ symbol, there is interoperability. You don't need to worry about which provider you're using, because they all work equally well with one another. Much like the internet. So whether you're using a .com, .net, or .io address, it will all work the same. The same way you can send from Gmail to Outlook, with lightning address, you can send money from NOAH to ZBD.

This is a huge step forward in onboarding billions of users using a paradigm they're already familiar with. The Lightning Address is the most innovative and user-friendly solution out there, and at NOAH, we're committed to bringing Bitcoin to the next billion users around the globe — and we're proud to be at the forefront of the movement.

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