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NOAH’s Beta Tester Program

11 May 2022

NOAH Products

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NOAH’s Beta Tester Program

We've officially opened our beta-testing program for the NOAH app!

We've officially opened our beta-testing program for the NOAH app. Beta testers play an essential role in helping us identify and fix any bugs or issues before the NOAH App is released to the public. Our beta testers are part of a very small group dedicated to helping us get the best first version of the NOAH app into the hands of the next billion people.

Beta testers help us improve the overall user experience, making sure the user experience runs smoothly from start to finish. From the major issues to the very minor ones, beta testers provide invaluable insight into helping us build a better product.

Our application form is still open to onboard more beta testers into our program, but we're only accepting the top applicants. We'll be slowly onboarding users over the next few weeks and months, so if you're interested in becoming a beta tester and making the NOAH app the best it can be, be sure to fill out the application form ASAP.

As this is only the beta version of the NOAH app there are a couple of limitations. Full functionality will be available at the official launch of the app.

We can’t wait to onboard the first folks onto the ark.

Get ready.

Beta Testing Has Begun

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