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06 August 2022
NOAH Products

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Pay anyone, anywhere, at any time. Get ready for NOAH Send, an instant, free way to pay anyone in the world—as easy as sending an email.

NOAH Send is exciting. It's powerful. And it's boarding the ark soon. NOAH Send is crucial to the NOAH family of products and services, and it’s designed to make sending bitcoin accessible to everyone—no matter where they are or what bitcoin wallet they use.

With NOAH Send, you can send bitcoin via the Lightning Network, create Lightning Addresses, and more. NOAH Send is the most convenient way to pay people in the world, powered by the most advanced financial technology on the planet. And as NOAH Send grows, we'll integrate payments for ETH-based assets through Starknet or ZkSync.

Our Phase 1 is live now. While it's in beta, it's still powered by the full force of Bitcoin and Lightning. So go ahead, give it a try. The future of money is here.

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