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It's Not Neobanking, it's NOAH.

01 June 2022

NOAH Series

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It's Not Neobanking, it's NOAH.
What is a Neobank? / Where Banking Falls Short / NOAH: A Revolution, Not An Evolution / Advantages of NOAH / What We Want You to Take Away / 

The new generation of digital banks offer services that are better than their traditional banking counterparts. Here's why you should switch.

We've been duped. We've been told that banks are these big, benevolent institutions that are embracing change in the digital age, helping us manage our money better than ever before. But they're not. Sure, there's maybe some shiny apps with sleek UIs, but it's all smoke and mirrors.

Traditional banks are stuck in the dark ages, relying on a high-overhead model of running branches, hiring countless tellers, and priding themselves on "knowing their customers." They're laden with administrative fees, have horrible customer service, and uphold a broken system that doesn't benefit the people that need it most. There are billions of unbanked people around the world — yes, billions — who are missing out on essential financial services that could help improve their lives.

We’ve been handed this "solution" that does little to address the real problems of modern banking. That "solution" is neobanks.

What is a Neobank?

A neobank is a digital bank that offers online-only accounts and services. They don't have any physical branches, so they rely on partnerships with other financial institutions to provide their services.

Neobanks are often started by technology companies or venture capitalists, with the intention of "disrupting" the traditional banking system and other services. But neobanks are really just digital versions of traditional banks. They don't address the fundamental problems with banking. They simply replicate the same system in a digital format.

Neobanks of today are the Monzos, the Revoluts, the Cash Apps. They're the new players in an old game, and they're not really changing anything.

You can put a new coat of paint on an old car, but it's still the same old car. The same can be said of neobanks. They might have a better user interface, maybe a few more features, but at the end of the day, it's just banking. Nothing new about it.

Where Banking Falls Short

Banks have high fees, poor customer service, and little transparency. Sending international payments isn't instant or free, and you're often left in the dark about why a transaction was declined.

Even those who are “banked” deal with hidden fees, rising interest rates, and complicated lending processes. To be “banked” doesn’t even mean much anymore. The indiscriminate KYC and AML policies have led to countless individuals being denied access to their own money, sometimes incorrectly, and without any recourse.

Banking infrastructure has been in place for centuries, the same rails that have been proven time and time again to be slow, inefficient, and costly. They're subject to the same fees, the same Kafkaesque regulations, the same restrictive red tape. In other words, neobanks are still part of the broken system.

They're a continuation of the same lineage of banking, just with a new coat of paint.

That's where NOAH comes in.

NOAH: A Revolution, Not An Evolution

Traditional banks, neo-banks, NOAH. Revolution Not Evolution

We want to remind the world that Bitcoin started after the financial crisis. The goal was to create a sound money system, not another debt-based one, to put the power back in the hands of the people, not the institutions. As the space has evolved, we've lost sight of that original goal. It's been replaced by a get-rich-quick mania over thousands of speculative assets, many of which have no use case or purpose.

Much of crypto has become a casino, with assets trying to hijack the success of Bitcoin, rather than actually build something new. We've seen this happen time and again, and we've lost the plot.

NOAH's ethos seeks to return us to Bitcoin's roots. We want to be the ark that lifts people out of a deepening financial crisis and allow them to weather the impending storm. We want to give you a chance to rebuild your financial future on stronger foundations.

Built with the best technology at our disposal, at NOAH, we do all the things that banks can do — but we do it better. We're built on an entirely different back-end. We're not tethered to traditional banks. We don't have to rely on their infrastructure. We use Bitcoin's rails, which means we use the infrastructure of a decentralized network that can't be shut down, has no red tape, and isn't controlled by any one entity. Bitcoin is a beautifully designed and works the way money should work — it's fast, efficient, trustless, global, and most importantly, it's empowering.

Bitcoin Fundamentals

Advantages of NOAH

Because we're built on that better back-end, we can provide the same services banks do — but without high fees, without the bureaucracy, and without the hassle.

We offer faster payments. We offer better interest rates on your savings. We're non-custodial. We're more secure. We're more inclusive. We do all these things while being interoperable with the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. Any Lightning service, any bitcoin app, any wallet — they all work with NOAH.

We can do this because we don't have to pay people to handle loans, tacking on fees to customers in the process. By limiting these overhead costs, we can offer you better value than classic banks. And it's not even close.

What We Want You to Take Away

Technology unlocks capabilities to help people meet their needs in novel ways. There is great progress to be made if we can adapt a technology-first approach to financial services. And not just a shiny coat of paint on top of the rusted rails of the status quo. Money should be easy. Money should benefit you. Money should include the world. We have the technology for it, and that's why we're so excited about what NOAH can do.

At NOAH, we're that better solution. Using NOAH is an opt-out of traditional finance and an opt-in to a world of full financial freedom. Using NOAH is an act of intention, and it starts with you. It starts with you, and it starts now.

Financial Freedom

We're not a bank. We're NOAH — the Money App of the Future.

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